Planning for the 2020-21 BET Planners Guide (MIPG) has begun and that means we are once again calling on members to provide us with images that highlight your product or service specifically for the business events market.  Now is the time to send through your high-resolution images.

BET’s comprehensive Planners Guide requires fresh imagery annually and those with the best shots get prominence within the publication. On request, images can be credited to the photographer or name of the product/business.   If there was ever a great advertisement for the value of photography surely this is it!

Business Events Tasmania produces high quality publications on a regular basis.  In addition to the Planners Guide, we are regularly creating digital and hard copy marketing and sales collateral, all of which will promote Tasmania’s business events products and services to our key target markets.  Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your product or service throughout these publications.

Please forward your high-resolution images and necessary credits to BET’s Marketing Coordinator Elise Devereux via email on

And, if you know of a particularly good opportunity to capture a business event in action, please let us know. We will endeavour to get someone along… because we understand the value of photography.