Oak Tasmania has been a leading provider of services to Tasmanians with a disability since 1953.  Our services are innovative, creative, and focused on the individual needs of each person.  We support the ability of each person to connect with their local community and to maintain a strong link with their families.

Oak Tasmania provides a range of community access services; supported accommodation and independent living support to enable people with disabilities to live in the community.  Employment opportunities are also provided in four businesses that have been established to provide real jobs in valued social enterprises.

Our person-centred approach values people being empowered to exercise the same rights and responsibilities as is available to the rest of the community.  We link people accessing our services with all aspects of their communities.  We strive to achieve best practice in all that we do through innovation and continuous improvement.

Services that we are capable of are:

  • Providing the assembly of Conference bags
  • Providing a mail out service world wide
  • Providing Pick and pack type operations
  • Preparation of letters, pamphlets, flyers and inserts
  • Providing simple type sewn products such as bags etc

Donations to OAK Tasmania enable us to offer unique programs, premier services and pioneering special opportunities to so many Tasmanians with disabilities… and with Tasmania having had the equal highest rate of disability in Australia (more than 117,000 people), we know we have a big job to do… and we know that we cannot do it alone.  To make a secure donation on-line using your credit card via PayPal please click here.

For further information, please contact Wendy Carter, Sales Representative on +61 3 6271 0400 or wendy.carter@oak.org.au.