Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures

Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures is a wholly Tasmanian owned company, founded by two local boating and fishing professionals, Shane Wilson and Nick Daft.

Since opening in 2017, Shane and Nick have grown the company to offer three experiences in Southern Tasmania, premium seafood tours under the name ‘Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures’, charter tours and events aboard the Cuttlefish, and transport services.


The tours are operated on either the 12-seater premium catamaran, with upper and lower level viewing, or the 49-passenger luxury catamaran The Cuttlefish, with ample indoor luxury seating, upper viewing deck, fully equipped kitchen and outdoor decking space for optimal viewing.


Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures takes passengers on a half-day culinary experience through southern Tasmania’s waterways, sampling the freshest seafood that is caught and prepared in front of their eyes. Passengers are served oysters, prepared two ways, fresh shucked abalone, crayfish, mussels, and also sea urchins and periwinkles caught by the qualified diver on board the vessel. Passengers are also provided with beautiful local cheeses, fruit platter and local beers, wines and soft-drink. These tours experience close encounters with native wildlife, possibly including seals, whales, penguins, birdlife and dolphins.


Shane and Nick also run chartered events on the larger Cuttlefish vessel, providing a once in a lifetime experience for special events such as birthdays or wedding celebrations, or corporate events for various businesses. The vessels are also equipped for transport charters across southern and eastern Tasmania and are versatile enough to pick up and drop off passengers at any locations on water and on land.


Shane and Nick have years of experience in Tasmanian’s waterways, with Shane diving professionally for abalone for the last 12 years, both providing deck-handing services to a variety of fishing vessels and both Nick and Shane managing a successful mooring business across Tasmania. Their knowledge of the waterways around Tasmania and their vast experience make any tours operated by the company exciting, interesting, safe and an experience you will not forget.

259 Old Station Road, Lower Snug, Tas 7054
+61 4 5879 7947