Jonathan Wherrett Photography

Jonathan has photographed events in Tasmania, around Australia and internationally for over a decade.

Once a solid understanding of your requirements has been established, Jonathan’s professional approach will ensure events are covered comprehensively, giving you crisp, natural images ready to use and share.

Whether your priority is sharing photographs with delegates or having images to quickly utilise online or in print, Jonathan’s fast online delivery will ensure you have the right image files at your fingertips and an online gallery of images to share that will help your delegates relive the events.

Whilst shooting, Jonathan is unobtrusive and quick to adapt to the changing circumstances of large events with a constant attention to detail. Jonathan’s style is a mix of professionalism and spontaneity; unseen when appropriate, engaged when required.

Jonathan seeks to create compelling images, free from distractions which communicate the essence of your event in Tasmania. Friendly faces, incredible scenery and an atmosphere of excitement that is unique to an event in this state.

Hobart, Tasmania 7054
+ 61 (0)400 462 437