Running since 2013, Mona’s midwinter festival Dark Mofo is an annual pilgrimage south celebrating the dark through large-scale public art, food, film, music, light and noise.

This winter Dark Mofo returns to Hobart, Mona and beyond with rituals old and new and its biggest festival yet. The festival runs across three weeks this year and has just kicked off with the prelude weekend, with the festival proper about to commence.

Business Events Tasmania CEO Marnie Craig says “Events like this are really lifting Tasmania’s appeal as a winter business events destination. Gone are the days of people hibernating indoors. Our darker cooler days are celebrated and Hobart embraces it wholeheartedly, highlighting that the beauty and allure of the city can be felt outside the summer months.”

“Over the last few years we’ve seen increased interest from groups wanting to plan their Hobart trip to coincide with Dark Mofo, and understandably so, this is a truly unique Tasmanian experience” added Craig.

This year’s festival pushes mainstream boundaries with an artist being ‘buried’ in a shipping container under one of Hobart’s busiest streets, panel discussions about death, religion, war and taxes, singer-songwriter St Vincent, ex-Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass, and popular Australian export Tim Minchin.

For the less adventurous, highlights include the annual Winter Feast on Hobart’s waterside docks, the ogoh-ogoh parade and burning on the solstice night, and the annual Nude Solstice Swim, where hundreds of brave souls plunge into the River Derwent at sunrise to welcome back the return of the light after the longest night- All amazing pre and post conference delegate experiences.

Dark Mofo 2018 runs from June 13-24, after a special prelude weekend from June 7-10. For details go to

Image – Dark Mofo:Winterfeast, please credit Adam Gibson