During the months of July, August and September alone, more than 8,600 delegates will come to Tasmania for business events and conferences. This is a 30 percent increase on the same time last year.

Business events continue to play a major role in Tasmania’s strong visitor economy, creating jobs and opportunities across the state. Our role at Business Events Tasmania (BET) is to attract national and international business events to Tasmania.

More than 36,000 delegates attended business events and conferences in Tasmania last year, injecting almost $150 million into the local economy.

BET’s CEO Marnie Craig suggests that this increase in delegate numbers is a combination of a few things:

‘It starts with our role to promote Tasmania – we’re working hard to educate the market on the State’s capabilities and capacities. To add to this, Tasmania is seen very much at the moment as a destination of choice and therefore delegates are interested in attending a conference or business event here.

‘Most importantly, is the engagement of our members. We’re seeing very strong engagement from our local member partners who are really interested in the business events market. This engagement is critical in the bidding stage.’

‘BET works predominantly in the national space, about 80 percent of delegates at Tasmanian conferences come from around Australia. We work with the Tasmanian State Government to target conferences that really highlight Tasmania’s competitive strengths from a range of industries and that’s one of the reasons that we’re seeing such strong delegate numbers over the next few months of this year’

Several large conferences are taking place between July and September, significantly increasing delegate numbers.

Big events to Hobart over the July to September period include:

  • Australian Medical Students’ Association National Convention – July 1,000 delegates
  • International Public Works Engineering Australasia Conference – August, 600 delegates
  • Fertility Society of Australia Annual Conference – September, 600 delegates
  • Barbershop Harmony Australia Convention – September, 600 delegates
  • Early Childhood Australia National Conference – September, 1,000 delegates
  • Association of School Business Administrators National Conference – September, 700 delegates.

Launceston will host several significant events between now and the end of 2109 including:

  • Australian Truffle Growers Association National Conference and AGM, 150 delegates
  • Australian Conference for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 400 delegates
  • Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Conference, 200 delegates
  • Ecological Society of Australia National Conference, 500 delegates.

Business events travellers are high yielding, spending on average twice as much as a leisure visitor, often extending their visit to Tasmania and returning for a holiday in the future; making them crucial to Tasmanian businesses.

Recent research indicates that on average, business event delegates are staying approximately 6.1 days in Tasmania, with many conferences, particularly in the agricultural sphere, hosting pre and post conference tours which is again increasing the length of stay of the delegate.

Twenty five percent of delegates coming to Tasmania are bringing family or friends with them when they travel to Tasmania for a conference or business event.  This has seen an increase in demand at BET to deliver partner programs that provide an itinerary of activities for partners and/or families to do while the delegate is attending the conference.